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LEVEL Beginner
AGE GROUP Primary School
An exciting learning adventure through stories and games…
The Time Travellers beginner piano course, is a unique revolutionary music system based on an adventure story with computer interactive keyboard educational games. This is a thoroughly planned piano tuition course, which will undoubtedly provide an exciting and comprehensive approach to learning music.

Educationists have long been aware through research that playing music at a young age improves memory, reasoning ability, self discipline and creativity. The Time Travellers course will excite the learner to want to continue the life long process of music making through participation, performing and creation.

The course is composed of colourful illustrated glossy repertoire books, accompanied by CDs which contain demonstrations of the performance pieces, together with bright catchy instrumental backing tracks for the student to practice and perform with. There are also student theory workbooks, which match up with the repertoire pieces. Time Travellers course has an exciting adventure story line throughout, which is based on Cas the keyboard, who takes a Cas
group of friends and Scruffy the dog on an exciting journey. The students all learn pieces of music, complete a theory workbook page each week and have fun playing the music education interactive games, which are all based on the adventure story.

Sonya Visser is the course designer and writer and her partner Bradley Eustace is the software engineer and designer. He is also responsible for the desktop publishing. Both bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and fine musical skills to produce colourful backing tracks that enhance the course. The brilliant glossy Illustrations and artwork were created by Nicole Hawkins and add a touch of class to complete the students experience.

The Time Travellers Course covers:

  • Piano performance skills 
  • Ensemble playing (group performance)
  • Repetoire (keyboard pieces) 
  • Singing 
  • Keyboard technique 
  • Music note reading 
  • Music Theory 
  • Music fundamentals including rhythm and pitching 
  • Encouraged creativity

Lesson Length:
45 minutes at the same scheduled time each week

Course Length:
Approx 6 – 12 months per book (depending on average class age)

Group Size:
6 to 10 students

Keyboard or piano required for home practice
Parent attendance required – it is important for a parent to participate, so they can be an effective at-home learning partner.

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Time Travellers

Time Travellers

Time Travellers