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Music theory is the language of understanding music and to have the ability to connect emotionally with it, beyond the written notes, enabling the musician to fully comprehend what they hear. Theory assists the musician in explaining the music they hear, to interpret accurately different genres of musical style and to be able to play compositions exactly as composers intend. It allows the student to then progress to a level of being able to transcribe and compose music themselves efficiently, so that other musicians may fully understand their work. The ideas and rules we learn in music theory, are very much like grammatical rules which govern written language.


Private and group theory lessons are on offer to students of all levels. These lessons help prepare students for music theory examination grades on offer by all the major examining bodies. For students planning on selecting music in senior years at school in Queensland, it is now a QTAC requirement for all students to gain a minimum of grade three theory, if they wish to obtain the tertiary ranking credit points in year 12, for any higher grade practical examinations they enter.