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The Queensland Music Centre offers tuition in all styles of contemporary piano, from jazz to movie themes, computer games music to popular piano, cocktail piano or even 20th Century Classical. The students are offered the enjoyment of playing with and without midi-file backing tracks, some which have been created by Queensland Music Centre Staff as an option. The contemporary students are also offered assistance in preparation for contemporary piano examination levels with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), the Australian Guild of Music Education (AGMED) and others examination bodies.

The Queensland Music Centre is one of the few Music Schools in Australia who offer tuition in Yamaha Clavinova digital piano and its technology. The Yamaha CVP Clavinovas are very versatile state of the art digital pianos, which may be played as traditional acoustic pianos if the player wishes or they have the ability to be played as a full digital orchestra in any chosen style by the performer.

Yamaha Clavinova Features include:

  • A ‘Graded Hammer Action’, which means that they are able to reproduce the varying weights experienced on each note of a good quiality acoustic piano, where the hammers vary in weight from the bass section to the treble.
  • Numerous samples of real instrument sounds, which are then selected and modified by the electronics of the Clavinova to produce the desired sound.
  • The synthesizer can imitate a large array of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and other sound effects. Recent models of CVP Clavinova have hundreds of such voice.
  • The ability to save and load songs or backing tracks in audio or midi-file format for students to play along with.
  • The ability to be connected to a computer via USB or wireless network for music production or interactive piano lesson programs.

Optional fun events

There are numerous optional fun events each year, for students to take part in if they wish. These include social evenings, such as mocktail parties for the senior students, dress up glow in the dark Halloween party for the younger students, events such as the Yamaha Festival and informal student recitals. At many of these events, students can choose to be part in an ensemble with fellow students, perform in a novelty item or play a solo if they wish.